Online kick-off Meeting of Rainbo Project

rainbo online meeting

Today we officially launched Erasmus+ project Rainbo – Raising the Digital Literacy of Professionals to Address Inequalities and Exclusion of LGBTQI Community. AKMI Katartisi Ekpaideusi is one of the seven partner organizations which will be implementing the project for the next 2 years in the United Kingdom, Greece, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Romania and Portugal.

The project aims at equipping professionals in Europe with the necessary resources in order to be able to cope with the online technologies and social distancing and better meet the needs of excluded LGBTQI population, a new reality that emerged from the COVID-19-related lockdown and restrictive measures. It aspires to explore the inequalities faced by LGBTIQ populations in their countries as an effect of the pandemic and its effects on social interaction and raise the digital competences of professionals in order to provide adequate services.

Within this framework, Rainbo partners will conduct a Needs Assessment Analysis to identify LGBTQI actual needs and, based on its results, they will design a concrete methodology for a Vocational Education and Training Programme which will focus on LGBTQI medical and mental health issues and distance counselling. Professionals will be trained on developing their digital competences in order to respond to LGBTIQ’s needs through remote work and teleconferences, a necessity that became more evident during the COVID-19 pandemic and will be further enhanced in the years to come. The last step of the project will be the pilot implementation of the designed VET Programme with the participation of professionals working with LGBTIQ people through online training and in-classroom activities.

Rainbo project is funded by the European Union under Erasmus+ Programme, Key Action 2 Cooperation of Innovation and Exchange of Good Practices. The project has started in June 2021 and will be completed in May 2023.

Contact person:

Victoria Topalidi

Project Manager

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